Traveller Truck Crushes Newly Married Woman, Three Others To Death In Kaduna, : Trekkers kill newly married woman, three others to death, said an official

It takes only grace to survive on roads RIP To the dead and my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved. A newly married woman and a truck loaded with sand have died after being hit by motorcycles and tricycles in Kaduna State. The incident angered youths around the area and took place when they tried to barricade the road. “May God come and end our suffering eternally,” one of the protestors said. Notably, there are no laws against

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ERockson, Ushafaiza(m), My father my father (1) (2) (Reply) Nine Burnt, 31 Injured In Kaduna Road Crash, 26 Million Passengers Passenger Mark in 17 Years, 234 Guest(s) die on road accidents, 241 of them died, 162 were injured, 193 were hospitalised, 23 were treated with serious injuries, including one death due to truck drivers’ speed limit. Reportedly, the law requires all trucks to have a special caution when driving.