Microsoft to bring Xbox cloud gaming service to iPhone and iPads via web browsers On MSFT

Currently, Google’s Stadia game streaming service works within a web browser. A 2021 release for Xbox cloud gaming on iOS is said to be expected. Notably, many video games will be fully available to iPhone and iPad users without the App Store. However, Microsoft hasn’t stated how it plans to bypass the app store altogether. The launch of Microsoft’d Xbox Cloud Gaming service on its iOS devices has been delayed due to Apple’s strict AppStore policies. This comes after Google announced its GameStreaming service which runs within

Xbox cloud gaming will launch in 2021 on Windows 10 devices, according to reports. The app has already been spotted and is apparently in testing. However, no release windows have been leaked or announced yet. Notably, Cloud gaming streaming will also be launching on Xbox consoles by the end of next year. Microsoft is currently in a legal battle with Epic Games over the removal of Fortnite from the platform. In addition to Android, iOS, and Windows 10, other services such as Stadia and Luna are expected to be added soon.