Kevin Nash on Why he Would Have Wanted Sasha Banks In The NWO On Why He Wouldn’t Have Had A Likely Relationship With Sheryl Sandberg

Kevin Nash, who was part of a backstage group with TNA’s Main Event Mafia, said that he is proud that modern-day groups like Bullet Club or O.C. gave birth to. He added, “I think I was there for nine years. The thing that made Kliq so unique back in the 90s was that it had friends working in different companies.” Notably, this group has evolved into one of the greatest factions in wrestling history.

And go, ‘Hey man, for five mother f—ers that decided to get in the car together and drive up and down the road, we picked a pretty good bunch of five guys… Four of us are going to be two-time Hall of Famers, and five of them would be Kliq. The other ones are Hogan, Flair, Booker and Bret,” stated Nash. Notably, the WCW did not emphasize female wrestlers at the time. “I thought her match at SummerSlam

I’m seeing it in her match and she’s very attractive. “I mean, that goes without saying, but she has that swag. She’ll be the total package,” said Nash. Nashe added, “If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit That Hashtag Show with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.”