Jack Black’s : The Many Faces of Jack Schwarz – The One True Story of John Black

RT took a look at Jack Black’s many faces, from his debut role in the political satire Bob Roberts to High Fidelity. [rtimage]MapTypeID=2&photo=5&legacy=1. In Saving Silverman, Black plays an exuberant young man who pays tribute to his musical heroes. The film stars Steve Zahn, who is known for songs like Let’s Get It On (2001). “The story is as intense as it is funny,” said Black.

Shallow Hal starrer Jack Black has said that he loves rock ‘n’ roll more than anything else. In the film, Black plays a man who becomes rich overnight after inventing an aerosol spray which vaporizes dog waste. The film also stars Kyle Gass as one of the funniest musical comedy acts since Spinal Tap. [rtimage]MapID=1159330&MapType ID=2&photo=5&legacy=1. Jack black is known for films like Envy and

Nacho Libre stars Jack Black as a monk who takes up wrestling in order to win approval from an orphanage where he was raised. As per the press photos, Jack’s character Michael Cera and his brother Jack are hunter/gatherers who traverse the ancient world. The film has been rated 1/5 (out of 5 stars).