‘It changed me’, said Payal Ghosh when she recalls her first meetings with Sooraj Barjatya & Anurag Kashyapa

Taking to Twitter, Payal Ghosh recalled how her first ever meeting with filmmaker Anurag Kashyap was different from what she used to be. “Life looks better now, feeling fresh as the early days of my career,” she wrote on Twitter. The two had reportedly met in 2013 when she met him for a film project. Notably, payal has accused Barjatta of sexual misconduct and has filed an FIR with Mumbai Police. Both of them have been criticised for their behaviour.

(@iampayalghosh) Anurag Bachchan has categorically denied Payal’s accusations calling them baseless. “In an attempt to silence me, you dragged other women as well, being a woman yourself. Should have shown some respect, madam! Right now, I will only say that all the allegations levelled against me are basesless,” he added. Notably, payal was summoned for dragging actresses in Sri Lanka from 2013.