Don’t Tread On Me t-shirt sparks debate as some find it ‘racist’

Spotted wearing an American flag t-shirt with the phrase “Don’t Tread On Me” superimposed on it. The flag was originally created during the Revolutionary War as a message from the American colonies to England. Reportedly, the flag has been adopted by white supremacists and some have called it racist. However, in recent times it can be “interpreted to convey racially-tinged messages in some contexts,” reports added. Actor Chris Pratt was pictured wearing the Flag

“I like him, but all these small things about his politics makes me wonder when he’ll say something transphobic, tank his career, and do the full heel-turn into a Fox commentator,” Twitter user Tim Byrnes wrote. “Ellen Page called him out and some of y’all didn’t listen now look at sh*t,” another user added. Pratt’s t-shirt was described as “white supremacist” in an article. Notably, it was controversial to