Chaos grips America’s campaign

A coronavirus outbreak in the White House has drained more than 30 people and filled the West Wing with anxiety. Meanwhile, the Senate is preparing to start hearings for confirmation of the President for reasons of mental and physical health. The next presidential debate has been canceled due to Trump’s positive news report on an outbreak of pandemic influenza that has killed over 214,000 Americans. Notably, this comes after nine days in prison that he wanted to compensate with videos and media interventions. This comes as the country continues to

US President Donald Trump received a group of followers, mostly African Americans and Latinos, who were struck by the pandemic. “The left’s war against the police hurts no one more than black Americans,” the president said. Trump had not been seen in public since he returned to the White House on Monday, after being discharged from the hospital three days earlier due to complications with the covid. Notably, the two parties are preparing for an emergency that would break out if there is no change in the count.

“They literally want to tear down buildings and rebuild them with tiny windows, so you can’t see the light,” a White House doctor announced on Thursday. He also said that California, governed by the Democrats, is going to have to ration water. Notably, President Donald Trump has promised to return to his public commitments on Saturday. The event will be held in Florida on Monday and another in Pennsylvania on Sunday. However, this was contrary to the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Prevention.

Despite testing positive for covid, the president was administered several drugs, some of which are still experimental. He also promised to provide “hundreds of thousands of doses” for free to citizens. “I am back because I am a perfect physical specimen and I’m extremely young,” Trump said about his drug-free days on Friday. Notably, he hasn’t been tested for cocaine or other anti-drug drugs. The president also threatened to take “things to you that have never been done before”

Shows us the need to create a procedure for future Presidents, Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democratic majority in the Lower House said. “It is not about President Trump. He will submit to the judgment of voters, but he shows you the necessity to make this decision,” she added. Meanwhile, the legal teams of both parties are preparing for an uncharted territory, that could be unleashed if tight results prevent the proclaiming of victory on election night. The 25th Amendment regulates the transfer of power in

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