Jen Gets Terminated, Day 4: Terminator Salvation: The Final Solution

I thank everyone who followed along with me on my journey back to the 1984 film Terminator. In this sequel, we catch up with Resistance fighter John Connor (Christian Bale) in the year 2018. Judgment Day (as seen in T2: Rise of the Machines) has come and gone, leaving pockets of human rebels scattered across the globe. The forces of SkyNet send new machines to harvest and kill. (Coincidentally, Skynet is based in San Francisco, the same place where Starfleet

. As per the basic plot, some characters seem one-dimensional; we would like to see even supporting players cultivate their characters a bit longer. Sam Worthington (previously seen in Australian flick Somersault) makes an impression in the role that will likely introduce him to most American audiences. Notably, Terminator Salvation has great performances, but also underwritten characters. The chase sequence that McG envisioned is perfectly dirty, dangerous, and harrowing.

It’s hard to believe that Bale is the same person who played Missile Command in the Sherman Oaks Galleria and high-fived a T800). Worthington and Ironside, as the Resistance General at odds with John Connor, are the only two cast members who stand out on screen with their own eyes. Notably, they’re integrated seamlessly into the plot and avoid forced comic moments, like seen in T3. The Terminator films have always remembered where they came from.

Ultimately, I was superficially entertained but disappointed with the attempt at making a Terminator sequel. It feels appropriately bleak and gritty, but is unable to pull itself together as tightly as the first two films. [rtimage]Map ID=1197277&MapTypeID=2&photo=39&legacy=1. The film’s director’s cut is the best vision of the film, and there may be another better version hidden somewhere inside it.