Mobile Games Can Offer a Pocket-Sized Path to Healing, wrote the author of Mobile Games: Innovative and Innovative Approaches to Exploring New Frontiers in the World of Warcraft

I was anemic, my legs were swollen with fluid, and I couldn’t walk from one room to another without becoming winded. It took me five months to recuperate at home after being hospitalized for sepsis from a blood infection. The game itself was nothing special; its graphics were not really impressive. But it helped me every single day as I recovered from the sickest I’ve ever felt. After the defibrillator shock, I experienced my first panic attack. Notably,

I cooked every day on my tiny phone screen. Ironically, I could barely eat. Even when I craved flavor and food, after few bites into a meal I would feel nauseated and spend the next hour in pain. My time-management tool ‘Time-Management Game’ kept me from the physical symptoms of anxiety and depression. The game allowed me to focus on making sure I didn’t burn the burgers or serve the wrong bok choy instead of thinking about my stomachache or temperature. It helped me

Playing solitaire helped her forget my worries. Deb S., a nonprofit administrator from Massachusetts, had the same experience when she was hospitalized after emergency surgery. Her game brought her enjoyment when nothing else could. She added, “You want to get away. You’re feeling lousy.” Depressing because she couldn’t really be with her children, Braverman added. The rewards are built right in.

The pure satisfaction of finally beating a complicated level. Cooking Fever required concentration and strategy. It was completely engaging and, therefore, effective. If I wanted to reach the next stage, I couldn’t think about anything else while I played.

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