When Ashley Graham talks about racism and Covid-19, fans ask why don’t you address human trafficking in Hollywood?

Racism didn’t go anywhere after performative allyship and coronavirus haven’t disappeared now that it’s summer, captioned her post on Instagram. Another user commented, “Yeah and why don?t you address the human trafficking?! That’s the real issue! Use your platform. The s**t going on in Hollywood is disgusting. And their silence is deafening.” Meanwhile, another user pointed out that Graham belongs from the same industry. Notably,

One of her followers commented, I see all this crying and blaming by people who haven’t done shit for anybody. Some of us have a lifetime of work, some of we have been working hard as hell. It’s not like it’s been addressed on all these social accounts for as long as we’ve worked on it. Assumptions are foolish. Another comment read, “Not all of you have one week of performative allyship…Some of our social media accounts have had one