D, GOT7 fans continue protest against mistreatment as label JYPE stays silent, tweeted a fan

Ahgase have started a campaign against GOT7’s label, JYP Entertainment, demanding better treatment for the group. The fandom has already tweeted under the hashtag #GOT7DeservesBetter, tweets that the fans themselves have liked, and has now begun tweeting #JYPE_StopIgnoringAhgese. This comes after complaints were raised from both members as well as their fans that indicate JyPE has been treating the band unfairly. Notably, the fan community has

A fan tweeted, “AHGASE FIGHTING…please highlight JYPE’s mistreatment to their 7 years senior idols.” Another fan also took pictures and asked the reporter who sent it to him to take pictures. Notably, Jype is one of the Big Three entertainment agencies in South Korea along with SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment. The group hasn’t received much response for its protests so far. It might force them to release an official statement.

. “I think you misread their slogan. You’re the leader in mistreating their boy groups,” a fan stated. Further, another fan commented, “You misunderstand your slogan.” Another fan further stated that he thought JYPE mistreated their boys groups. Notably, they have produced some quality music and being at the forefront when it comes to debuting extremely talented artistes. However, their more recent work has all been overshadowed by their apparent lack of care with regards to their artistes…