D, Amanda Holden knew that diversity’s Black Lives Matter routine on Britain’s Got Talent would ‘jolt people’, she said

‘Britand Got Talent’ dancer Amanda Holden has said she knew when people saw it for the first time that it would jolt them and spark conversation. The routine, which featured a white police officer kneeling on Ashley Banjo, echoing the killing of unarmed black man George Floyd in the US, sparked around 24,500 complaints to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom. Notably, Diversity’s performance on BBC One did not win any awards. However, its review panel said it will not investigate the routine.

Amanda is standing in as head judge on Britain’s Got Talent for Simon Cowell as he recovers from a back injury. Amanda said, “I miss having my pigtails pulled and being poked because that’s what she does. (Simon) just winds us up and I just miss him for that.” Amanda will be replaced by Ashley Clarke, who is doing the most phenomenal job.