Taylor Swift gets ‘death note’ from stalker Eric Swarbrick; court issues restraining order, : I don’t know what to do when I lose my mind

Is the last person in the world that she wants to be with because I want to rape Taylor Swift. “I hate Taylor herself. I’ve not only been a danger to others but because of that he’s dangerous to myself,” wrote the stalker. Swarbrick has also stalked Swift and her manager, Jesse Schaudies, for the past two years. Not just anybody. Just her, his lawyer has filed an order against him.

Either way, I’m willing to accept and respect whatever end we come to. Swift and her manager Jesse Borchetta were equally terrified of the consequences when Swarbrick mentioned that he had Swift’s New York residential address. He was also restrained by a Judge Joe Binkley from contacting him via phone, text, letters, or social media. “Will you protect me from any unnecessary psychological triggers, and walk with me through the necessary ones,” wrote Swift. Notably, Swift has changed his mind