‘Scandal’ star Columbus Short issued with an arrest warrant on his 36th birthday, according to reports

Had an arrest warrant issued against his name on his 36th birthday, according to reports. Short was charged with felony battery following a bar brawl where he would have faced four years in prison if convicted. Notably, Short failed to appear in court as part of his divorce proceedings with ex-wife Tuere Tanee Abramyan in 2014. He was also accused of hitting his current wife Aida during the domestic dispute in November 2017. Short is currently facing charges of assault and burglary.

In 2014. Short pleaded no contest to punching a man at the restaurant in L.A. In 2014, he confessed to having been struggling with drugs. “I was using unhealthy ways to kind of self-medicate and deal with heavy duty stuff in my life,” his lawyer said. Short also celebrated his 36th birthday on Friday. He reportedly punched the man over the head during an interview with Access Hollywood Live. Notably, Short had not admitted to the crime. However, short did not appear in court.