Meghan thinks she’s as big as Michelle Obama and Oprah, says brother: ‘But she is never going to get that high’

Markle Jr, has said that the Duchess of Sussex is going back to Hollywood because she aspires to become as great as iconic celebrities like Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Amal Clooney. He added, “No, I see her back in Hollywood one way or the other. She just wants to be in the spotlight all the time and that is what she’s going for.” However, Thomas denied rumours that Meghan would grace an Avenger franchise. “She definitely has the insight to see herself

I think whatever she puts her mind to, she will get it. “If it goes south she is going to turn to her family and probably not be welcomed with very many open arms,” said Thomas. He further said that if his sister planned to distance herself from the royal family following Megxit, like she had done from him, her father and her half-sister, then she would likely be rejected back home. Thomas added, “That is up in the air and I don’t know.” This came after a video of

Harry can be seen gesturing to Meghan and telling her, “You do know she does voiceovers, right?” A surprized Iger responds: “We would love to try. That’s a great idea.” The event was attended by celebrities like Beyonc, Jay-Z and Elton John.