Miley Cyrus redesigns her oversized hospital gown to sleeveless, form-fitting outfit after getting hospitalized for tonsilitis

Where it belongs! We got gorillas to save! Send good vibes my way! Hopeing the Rock star G*DS sends me a boost of bad ass (sic) and help me kick this s to the curb, she wrote. Miley was hospitalized for tonsilitis on Tuesday after redesigning her hospital gown. “How you present yourself can determine how you feel,” she captioned one of her snaps. The event is hosted by Ellen DeGeneres’ The Ellen Fund

Miley had taken her oversized hospital gown and altered it to make it more form-fitting, low-cut, and sleeveless, as shown in the photo. In a second mirror selfie, she was seen lying on the hospital bed surrounded by rose petals and an “I Love You” balloon placed next to her. “Thanks mama for helpin me #tishcyrus mommy’s are the best,” she wrote in another caption.nnndri wrote, “Redesigned my hospital