D, The Valerie Harper Show’ and ‘Rhoda’, the Emmy-winning actress and Golden Globe winner, dies aged 80 at her home in Los Angeles on Wednesday

And ‘Li’l Abner’ star Valerie Harper, best known for her role as Rhoda Morgenstern on back-to-back sitcoms, has passed away at the age of 80. She was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2009. Her husband-manager said recently he’d been advised to place her in hospice. Notably, she appeared in films like Freebie and the Bean and The Take Me Along. In 2013, she revealed she had battled lung cancer. “I am very close to my Jewish heritage,” an

Harper was nominated for eight Emmys, winning four and six Golden Globes over the course of her nearly seven-decade long career. Harper had appeared on television shows like ‘2 Broke Girls’ and “The Simpsons” and was a contestant on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Notably, Harper wasn’t only an actress, she also made appearances on numerous TV shows. She was also featured in several television series including CSI: The Last Place (1998) and Dixie Chicks