Burt Reynolds: A star who struggled with drugs, a broken marriage, and separation from his beloved son, wrote The New York Times

Burt Reynolds was left with a broken jaw after an accident while shooting for the 1984 Clint Eastwood film City Heat. Reynolds, who had been dating actress Loni Anderson since 1984, also lost custody of his son Quinton, whom he later adopted. Reportedly, Reynolds began taking painkillers to relieve constant pain and eventually became addicted to drugs. The incident happened when Reynolds accidentally hit Reynolds on the head in the fight scene, which was supposed to use prop chair instead of steel chair during the shoot. After the accident,

Something he couldn’t get from his own father, Anderson Reynolds, who had accused him of cheating on him, claimed to have witnessed it. Reynolds’ married life also began unravelling with infidelity on both sides of the equation, according to reports. In an interview, Reynolds revealed intimate details of his marriage and divorced wife, saying they did not have sex anymore. However, at that time, after taking painkillers, Rex became a recluse. Reportedly, this was after Anderson confessed to

Reelz’s ‘Burt Reynolds: Life Stories with Piers Morgan’ premiered Tuesday on September 3. Reynolds, who had filed for divorce after his son Quinton was ordered to live with his mother, said, “I lost everything. The drugs should have killed me.” Reynolds further said he looked at himself in the mirror and asked, Is this the kind of father you want your son to remember you as?” After that, Reynolds stopped taking pain killers and made a decision to quit drugs. “My son was the best movie I ever made