Asia Argento’s accuser Jimmy Bennett has been ridiculed on Italian television for allegedly raping a man in Milan

Italian journalist Massimo Giletti ridiculed actor Jimmy Bennett on his show ‘Non e l’Arena’, which translates to “Outside the Arena”. The incident apparently took place back in 2013, when Bennett accused actress Asia Argento of allegedly raping him when he was just seven-years-old. Bennett had earlier claimed she raped him by throwing him on the bed following which she sexually assaulted him. A New York Times article stated they secretly paid around $38,000.

, pointing out that an act of sex that is complete cannot be rape surely. “It’s difficult to believe a woman can racialise men,” Bennett added. Giletti further said, “You don’t look here like someone who was afraid.” Argento has stated that she never had any sexual relationship with Bennett. However, in an interview, Bennett denied the act was complete. She also claimed that Bourdain had insisted upon handling the matter privately.