A simple act by her daughter helped me understand the struggles of people battling with depression, Adam Busby reveals in an interview that his daughter made him understand how difficult it can be to cope with life as a father

‘Outdaughtered’ star Adam Busby took to Instagram to share how his four-year-old daughter Riley made him realize how often people who are battling with depression go unnoticed. “I was playing with the girls in the yard and was entrusted by her to hold onto her “beautiful yellow leaves” that she found on the ground,” he wrote. Riley, who would have passed by those leaves without noticing it, paced them in his hand and told him to keep them safe

Are struggling with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. Busby further encouraged his fans to seek help if they were going through their own battles. “You are beautiful and you are loved, no matter what your head fools you into thinking… Reach out to a loved one and don’t be afraid to talk,” wrote one user. Another user commented, “That is why it is so important for others to REACH IN with love, and support.” The reality star further said that people struggle with stigma because of fear of being

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