The most expensive dog breeds could set you back over 15,000 during their lifetimes

Netvouchercodes has looked at 42 of the UK’s most expensive dog breeds. The Standard Poodle is estimated to cost around 18,700 during its lifetime. Jack Russells, and Staffordshire Bull Terriers are among the cheapest dogs to own in 2020. However, owners can expect to shell out between 7000 and 850 every year after that.

A mix or happy little mutt at your local shelter. Peta lists typical health problems associated with purebred dogs as: “Aside from the fact that health issues in dogs are expensive, you’ll want your four-legged friend to be with you for as many years as possible.” Adopting is also cheaper than shopping, since adopting can save you money. For more information, check out Poodle Rescue’s Facebook page.