Tandem 2011 Ars In Vitro Tempranillo-Merlot (Navarra) Review

The Tandem 2011 Ars In Vitro Tempranillo-Merlot (Navarra) wine is of the Tempranillo-Merlot variety from Spain, produced within the Ars In Vitro vineyard in the Northern Spain province. The cost is $15. This wine has a score of 79/100 (a respectable score, albeit nothing remarkable).

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  • This is a light, fruity wine that is ready to drink. It is crisp with its acidity that is matched by the fresh red fruits. The aftertaste is sprightly.
  • In this excellent paper, two of the worst offenders from the producer are listed, and the second one is on the list, and it shows. The wine has the same dryness as before, with a hint of toast and a dark, cloudy, medicinal character. The black cherry fruit is peppered by fresh acidity, and the finish with a cool, fresh fruit flavor. The wine is in fine balance, both dry and full bodied, with a clean, crisp aftertaste.
  • This is a robust and complex wine. It has spice, black plum and berry fruit, a solid structure and a tight, steely aftertaste. It is a wine that is ready to drink.
  • This is a strong, rich and concentrated wine. With the acidity and it has the power to give it a dry core, it is a wine with weight and maximum potential. The acidity and the spice are the main elements of the ripe fruit, giving earthy, spicy aftertaste. The aftertaste is a beautiful expression of the character of this wine. Drink this concentrated wine from 2018.
  • The wine has all the elements of a balanced wine: fresh acidity, ripe black fruits and a dry core.
  • has a lush, creamy mouthfeel. The flavors are soft and rounded, with a touch of sweetness as well as a hint of sweet spice. It’s a refreshing wine that is ready to drink.
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