Rainstorm 2013 Pinot Gris (Willamette Valley) Review

  • This is a wonderful example of the variety, showing the long life cycle of the variety. Aromas of earth, wood, plum and berry are followed by a richly fruity palate. The flavors are ripe and inviting, with a dry, tangy finish. This is a compound of wine and fruit, with a long history to follow.
  • This is a well-made, approachable wine that has a solid structure, layered with layers of spice, dark berry and anise. It’s full bodied, with an evenly full body. It’s full of black currant fruit, finish with a burst of acidity.
  • An impossibly rich and luxurious wine, loaded with blackberry and dark plum fruits. It is heavily textured, with its fine acidity and tannins. The freshness of the fruit brings out the best. The mouthfeel is juicy and a delight.
  • This blend of three local grapes is a crisp and crisp, fruity and fruity wine, a joy to drink. It is crisp with acidity, a bright character and a hint of spice. The aftertaste is bursting with red-berry fruit and bright acidity.
  • This wine is loaded with ripe fruit, with its red-berry fruits already well integrated, with tight acidity. It is all about a crisp, light aftertaste that will be an attractive addition to this fruity wine.
  • This fresh, fruit-forward wine is crisp with acidity. It is fresh and fruity, with a tangy, crisp aftertaste. Drink now.
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