Les Rocailles 2014 Pinot Noir (Vin de Savoie) Review

The Les Rocailles 2014 Pinot Noir (Vin de Savoie) wine is of the Pinot Noir variety from France, produced within the nan vineyard in the France Other province. The cost is $19. This wine has a score of 75/100 (a respectable score, albeit nothing remarkable).

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  • A solid, structured wine, this is a rich, opulent wine. It has a smooth texture and ample fruit flavors, black plum fruits and a dense texture. It has the potential to be a great wine, and the acidity, the mineral texture and the crisp aftertaste give the wine its spice. Drink from 2018.
  • The aromas are a bit more subdued than some of the vintages, but the palate is still pretty densely packed, with a good balance of citrus, mineral and caramel. The flavors are all flavors of apple and peach, both fresh and with the silky texture of aged oak.
  • The nose is a bit rustic, from what we assume was a late start, but the palate is still fairly packed, with a good balance of citrus, mineral and lemon. It’s fresh and refreshing, with a mix of lime and grapefruit.
  • Pungent and spicy, with a slight intensity of green and yellow apples. There is a touch of bitter almond as well. The palate is round and smooth, with some energy and herbal nuances. This is a lively but well-balanced wine.
  • This is a nicely balanced blend of Merlot (35), Cabernet Sauvignon (30) and Cabernet Franc. The aromas have a bit of raw, raw citrus, green herbs and coriander, but the flavors are as vibrant and fresh as any of the wines in this new release. The acidity is just right, and it shows a cool grip on the finish. Drink now.
  • The second of the three wines from this winery that has yielded to the climate is a ripe, fruity wine. The crisp acidity is perfect for the summer months.
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