Boizel NV Blanc de Noirs Brut Pinot Noir (Champagne) Review

The Boizel NV Blanc de Noirs Brut Pinot Noir (Champagne) wine is of the Pinot Noir variety from France, produced within the Blanc de Noirs Brut vineyard in the Champagne province. The cost is $53. This wine has a score of 78/100 (a respectable score, albeit nothing remarkable).

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  • The new specific wine from Bethany has a rich, soft, round mouthfeel. It has a warm, rich atmosphere to it, with ripe black plum flavors, sweetened with spice. The fruit is there to continue to improve as it matures. Drink from 2018.
  • The nose is quite expressive and alluring. The palate is crisp and clean while the flavors of green apples, limes and citrus are bright. The finish is light and clean.
  • This is a soft wine with a natural sweetness that makes it so easy to drink. The acidity is just right, keeping the sweetness to a very very light body and very fresh, warm aftertaste. Drink now.
  • This wine is tucked away in the Roussanne cellar. It has the freshness of the vintage in its black cherry and black plum fruit and a soft texture. It is all fruit and spice, and needs time for it to become balanced and rounded.
  • This is a well-balanced, rich wine. With its ripe fruitiness, firm structure and spicy acidity, it needs time to soften and reduce the rough edges of the wood aging. Drink from 2017.
  • While the wine is smooth and silky the wood is present. It gives the wine more weight and complexity that could come from the ripe, ripe red fruits. The acidity and the freshness make it a food-friendly wine. Drink from 2017.
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