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Pherzawl District under Manipur or Mizoram?


Pherzawl District under Manipur or Mizoram?

Pherzawl District – even before this district was created, it has always been a neglected area since the time of the British rule. It continues to be neglected even after it was included under the jurisdiction of Manipur. The people inhabiting the region hardly have any relations with the plain people in the Imphal valley. The hill people always had better connection with the neighbouring state of Mizoram.

Going straight to the point, even the new Government of Manipur appears to neglect Pherzawl District when compared with other newly created districts. It is as if a child is receiving a step-mother treatment or that of an adopted child.

Pherzawl District got just Rs 1 crore

Days, weeks and months have passed since the Bharatiya Janata Party formed the new government in Manipur, Chief Minister Biren Singh and his colleagues have been making the right slogan of reaching out to the hill people. However, their words have not been translated into action. Pherzawl District and the district headquarters have not received any mega sanction for development except for the Rs 1 crore that was granted to each district, including Pherzawl District.

It’s both a shame and an injustice meted out to Pherzawl District as the government is yet to dole out any special package while it has already announced the same for other districts.

There are also news of the possibilities of redrawing district boundaries even as the previous government clearly stated which areas would come under which districts.

Hand over Pherzawl District to Mizoram: A solution?

If the government cannot take care of Pherzawl District, maybe due to its long-standing policy of starving the ethnic Zo tribals or due to lack of fund, it would be a wise decision for the good Government of Manipur and the district boundaries commission to leave Pherzawl District out of Manipur and let Mizoram take over the administration so that it can become the 4th Autonomous District Council of that state.

This will save crores and crores of money for Manipur! After all, people of Mizoram and people of Pherzawl District shared the same history, language and culture. The people of this region had already expressed their desire to be united with their Zo brothers since the days of the Mizo Union in 1950s and the Mizo National Front movement in the 1960s.

Make Pherzawl District an ADC: Another solution?

If the Manipur government thinks that it cannot let Pherzawl District go, then there is another solution to solve the underdeveloped district to transform into a develop district. If the Government of Manipur, the Pherzawl District Development Committee and the Central government hold a tripartite talk about making Pherzawl District the first full-fledged Autonomous District Council in Manipur, directly funded by the central government, then only will the region move ahead on the road to development. The later option is desirable since the BJP claims that it wants to bring overall development for all regions in the state of Manipur.

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Contributor, Mr. Fimate is a Manipur-based trainee journalist with a local Hmar daily published from Churachandpur. Opinions are personal and do not reflect the views of the organisation he works for.

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