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Living with Mizo Saruak Photos and Mizo Leaked Videos


Living with Mizo Saruak Photos and Mizo Leaked Videos

The number of Internet users is growing among Mizos every year. Even though there is still no proper data on this area I can safely say that this by simply looking at the number of people using social media – even grannies are now using WhatsApp and Facebook! Won’t it be nice to know how we as a society use the Internet? I wish researchers at the Mizoram University can come out with a reliable research on this topic.

Even with limited or lack of studies on Internet users among the Mizos, the growing number of mobile users who in turn user the technology to connect with each other is an interesting area for social observers.

In the last two decades, we saw the the rise of several Mizo websites that are dedicated to promotion of social welfare and growth. While websites like (sports) and (discussion/forum) are extremely positive, there are other website like which wants to “expose” Mizo girls as they are caught in compromising sexual positions. Given here is the texts that describes the creators of lobuaisuh wrote on their website:

He web site ah hian mizo sex video chi hrang hrang sang chuang download tur a awm e, mizo nula chhe lo tak tak model pian nalh tak tak te thlalak a thlawn a download tur a awm bak ah sex story mizo tawng ngei a chhiar tur enge maw zah post bawk ani e… screenshot

I am sure that you are also aware of the existence of a small group of people who are using the medium to promote and spread undesirable aspects of our lives. As my main concern in this article is on the negative aspects, I will jump straight into the gutter of mizo sex videos and mizo nula saruak.

Like every growing society, Mizo society has many challenges to confront especially in this age of technology. While cyber crimes like cheating of people with job prospects using the Internet (Facebook) have been reported (mostly targeted at girls), the shady flesh business is not far behind.


Online search for keywords like mizo sex videos, mizo nula khal, mizo sex video, mizo insual, mizo nula saruak, mizo nula sexy, tlangval vannei, leaked mizo sex videomizo saruak model pics, Mizo saruak, Mizo Saruak Thlalak Postna,, nula saruak pics,, Mizo hmeichhe thlalak pix, mizo nula mawng sawi xei tak, etc., are just few of the keywords that reflect the dark side of our society. I also saw (many times) that people are using WhatsApp groups to share nude photos (yet again of women). And such posts are often done by people who you will never thought would be doing such a demeaning thing – objectifying the fairer sex.

That’s not the end. Last week, one of my friends told me that some so-called mizo sex video clips were already being circulated and shared on popular adult sites (which I refused to name them here). I don’t want to send people to such sites by naming them here.

I often wonder why good things are always accompanied by bad stuff. As i tried to grapple this thought that one’s private life (especially that of Mizo girls) could be destroyed in a matter of few clicks of the camera and of the keyboard by some demented minds, one question we must be asking is this: Are we equipped/educated in real sense to wisely use technology like mobile phones (its camera) and the Internet?

My next write-up will be: Facebook is not far behind: Mizo Nula Sexy Post-Na. Check back next week.

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