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Lawlessness in Mizoram needs to be set right


Lawlessness in Mizoram needs to be set right

Thanks to activist Mariana Lalrindiki, we’re getting more information regarding the criminal and heinous acts of gundas within the Supply Reduction Service – the anti-drugs/alcohol wing of the Central Young Mizo Association (CYMA).

It appears from Lalchhuanawma’s interview that the gundas posing as social justice warriors under the banner of the YMA have no regard for anything the association stands for.


If the Central YMA leadership does not condone this type of criminal behavior, it needs to apprehend the three gundas and hand them over to the police for legal action.

There should be ZERO tolerance on criminal behavior even within the YMA.

The Central YMA should seriously consider shutting down the whole SRS operation.

The church, which supports this operation, should demand accountability or else risk condoning such anti-Christian behaviour.


Inspector General of Police Pu Zorammawia needs to address two major issues – police violence and YMA violence. He needs to realise what a terrible mistake he has made when he tried to cover up the Jan 22 incident and we’re seeing the result of law enforcement inaction.

Why have we not read full news stories from our accredited journalists?


Lalțanpuia Pachuau, also known as Mațana, is a keen observer of Zoram politics and society. The ex-Edmundian is not shy about presenting fresh and different perspectives on current events.

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