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PRISM releases party symbol


PRISM releases party symbol

Aizawl: The People’s Representation for Identity of Status of Mizoram (PRISM), an anti-corruption watchdog turned political party on Tuesday said it will establish a transparent government if the party comes to power after the state assembly election.

The party also released its symbol- “Diamond” in a function held at the party office here on Tuesday.

Vanlalruata releases the party symbol Diamond.

Addressing the party symbol release function, PRISM president Vanlalruata said one of the main priorities of the party was to aware people about their rights and inform them transparently about the activities of the government.

“We would establish a transparent government if we come to power and all the activities of the government would be made public for smooth functioning,” he said.

Asking the people for free and fair election, Vanlalruata said that his party would take effort for conduct of free and fair election.

He said that the party has recently conducted survey from which it was discovered that over 70 per cent candidates who had contested elections were not fit for filing nomination.

According to Vanlalruata, the party when function as anti-corruption watchdog, had prepared a list of candidate believed to be not qualified for MLA before the state assembly elections in 2008.

The list was given to all political parties as a result of which politicians which were labeled as unqualified or not fit for MLA were ousted from politics, he said.

This time too, the party would take initiative to oust unqualified politicians before the assembly elections, he added.

He appealed to all aspiring candidates to file nomination in the proper channel.

Vanlalruata also pledged to establish a strong, reliable and corruption-free government.

Recollecting the birth of PRISM, Vanlalruata said the party started its functioning as anti-corruption watch-dog under the name Peoples Right to Information and Development Implementing Society of Mizoram since 2006 and brought changes in many fields in the state.

 However, the leaders of the watchdog thought of transforming it into a political party after it had observed that it would be more effective to fight corruption and corrupt practices as a political party because its endeavour to uproot corruption as anti-corruption watchdog could not produce effective results as corruption cases were not effectively pursued by the concerned authority, he said.

He said that the party was established in November last year and got the ECI’s registration on 27 July this year.

He added that the party has chosen “Diamond’ as its symbol based on the choice of the people.


Mr. Khojol is a journalist based in Aizawl, Mizoram. He writes for various national and regional media houses. In his free time, he can be caught reading books and watching movies.

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