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Petition to Prime Minister of India for Inquiry Commission into Assam-Mizoram Border Dispute


Petition to Prime Minister of India for Inquiry Commission into Assam-Mizoram Border Dispute

James Ramdinmawia, General Secretary of the Zofa Global Network, wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking him to institute an “Inquiry Commission” to look into the border dispute between Assam and Mizoram.

I have submitted a letter to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India through PMO Portal regarding the subject cited above and the letter was registered with Regn. No. PMOPG/E/2018/0115355. I requested the Hon’ble PM to look into the matter and to instruct the Ministry of Home Affairs to constitute “Inquiry Commission” to find out the truth and to take disciplinary action against Dy. Commissioner of Hailakandi and Assam Police. I have highlighted the following points in my letter:

1. Inner Line Reserve Forest (ILRF including Zophai) is in the territory of Mizoram as we have traced back the following Notifications and Orders:

(a) Govt. of India (under the British Rule) and Mizo Chief, Suakpuilala made an Agreement on Boundary and 46 Boundary Pillars were erected (Notification No. 2299-P, dt. 29.8.1875, C.U Aitchison, Secretary to the Government of India).

(b) Inner Line Reserve Forest (ILRF) measuring 509 Sq. Mile was put under the territory of Lushai Hills District (Mizoram) by the Govt. of India (under British Rule) with Notification No.1093 P, dated 16.1.1904 (there is no cancellation of this Order till date).

(c) The ensuing Notifications and Orders on ILRF i.e. Notification No. 9101 A.P, dt. 28.8.1930 and Revised Inner Line Forest Reserve No. 2106 A.P, dt. 9.3.1933 did not make alteration on to which region the ILRF belonged. It still belonged to Lushai Hills District (Mizoram).

(d) Lushai Hills Autonomous District Council came into being in 1952. Revenue Collections within the ILRF was to be credited to Lushai Hills District Council (Mizoram) vide No. TAD/FR 52/51 dt.3.10.1953 from R.V. Subramanian (IAS), Secretary to the Govt. of Assam, Tribal Area Depatment. The ILRF remained belonged to the Lushai Hills Autonomous District Council (Mizoram).

(e) Lushai Hills District was renamed as Mizo District in 1954 by the Lushai Hills District (Change of Name) Act, 1954. The Lushai Hills District Council was consequently renamed as Mizo District Council.

(f) Mizo District became Union Territory with a new name i.e. Mizoram in 1972. The territory comprised by Mizo District was inherited by the Union Territory of Mizoram under North-Eastern Areas (Reorganisation) Act, 1971, Part II, Section 6 and all property and assets of Mizo District were transferred to Union Territory of Mizoram under Part VI, Section 52.

(g) Union Territory of Mizoram became full fledge State in 1987 under the Constitution (Fifty-Third Amendment) Act, 1986. In the aforesaid Act, Section 2 (a) (iv), ownership and transfer of land shall be vested to the Legislative Assembly of Mizoram. So, The Inner Line Reserve Forest (including Zophai) remains belonged to Mizoram, it does not belong to Assam.

2. Shri Adil Khan, IAS (2011 Batch), Deputy Commissioner of Hailakandi, Assam declared Cr.PC 144 at Zophai which is beyond his jurisdiction as Zophai (ILRF) is the territory of Mizoram (See point No. 1). So, he misused his power and violated the Laws of the land.

3. In order to set foot on the soil of Mizoram, it is mandatory for every outsider to obtain Inner Line Pass (ILP). Shri Adil Khan and his Subordinates and Assam Police entered Zophai without obtaining ILP and they violated ILP Rules. They are illegal intruders to the territory of Mizoram.

4. Issuing Firing Order towards non-rebel, unarmed and innocent civilians is inhumane and atrocious and it is against Human Rights. The Mizo students never strike back even when lathi-charge was sorted out against them. They were not Protesters, they were not rebels, they were not intruders, they were not encroachers, they were trying to construct waiting/resting shed in their own land which was protested by Dy. Commissioner of Hailakandi and Assam Police.

5. Apart from sorting out lathi-charge to the innocent civilians, the Assam Police did not spare Journalists who were trying to give ground Report even though the latter showed their ID Card and said that they are Media Persons. Does it mean that the senseless Assam Police suppress freedom of Press? They even assaulted 2 (two) female journalists and these two people got injured. This is also against protection of women.

6. The Assam Police took away the belongings of Mizo students, i.e. mobile phone handsets, tablets, etc. by force and crushed them and burnt them. Does this senseless act mean that they don’t want any evidence of their atrocities?

7. Firing gun shots towards innocent Indian Citizens by Assam Police can never be justified. Are they trying to murder the innocent civilians?

8. It is reported that CRPF Personnel were on the spot during the incidence. It is further reported that these CRPF Personnel fired gun shots towards innocent Mizo students. It is a big question that why the Central Reserve Police Force intervened in an Inter-State Crisis, against one party.

9. Vehicles of Mizo students and Journalists were crushed down by Assam Police. Is this a proper way to maintain Law and Order?

10. There are lots of evidence (photograph and video) of all the brutal acts of Assam Police.

A view of Zophai road. Photo: H. Zate


Lalțanpuia Pachuau, also known as Mațana, is a keen observer of Zoram politics and society. The ex-Edmundian is not shy about presenting fresh and different perspectives on current events.

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