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Over 1,760 people died of AIDS in Mizoram since 1990


Over 1,760 people died of AIDS in Mizoram since 1990

Aizawl ( Over 1,760 people have died in Mizoram due to complications associated with AIDS/HIV positive since the first case was detected in October 1990.

This was highlighted at a two-day Review Meeting of North East State for Basic Service Division and Linkage with Care Support Treatment Research, concluded in Aizawl on Friday, officials of Mizoram State Aids Control Society (MSACS) said on Sunday.

Accordingly to report of HIV Sentinel Surveillance 2016-2017 of National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) published recently, Mizoram recorded the highest AIDS/HIV positive incidence rate in the country after Manipur.

Of the 6,60,934 blood samples tested during October 1990 to January 2018, as many as 16,451 people were found to be infected with HIV positive, which is 1.64 percent of the total population of over 10 lakh, while 1,766 people died due to complication associated with Aids during the same period, highlights the meeting presided over by  National Health Mission (NHM) director Dr. Lalrozama.

 Out of 4,39,198 blood sample tested among general clients, 14,949 people including 5,221 females were identified with HIV positive and of the 2,21,736 pregnant women (ANC), 1,502 were found to be infected with the disease.

Sexual contact was the main factor for the fast spread of HIV positive in the state as 67.30  per cent of infected people contacted the disease through unprotected sex, followed by sharing needles at 26.64 per cent, the meeting said.

 Transmission through homo-sexual/bi-sexual was tagged at 0.84 per cent, while 303 (2.03%) people contacted AIDS through unknown sources.

The meeting also said that 12,099 clients have registered for Anti Retroviral Therapy (ART) and over 9000 infected people have taken treatment from ART centre.

During the last fiscal (2017-18), 39,520 blood sample had been tested of which 1,700 people were found to be living with HIV positive. Out of this 1,086 people (63.90%) contacted the disease through sexual contact, 569 (33.50%) people through sharing needles/syringe and 45 (2.60%) from unknown sources.

The meeting further highlighted that AIDS incident rate was highest among youths in the age group of 25-34, which was tagged at 42.61 per cent, followed by people in the age group of 35-49 at 26.56 per cent.

During 2016-17, 225 people died due to various complications associated with AIDS, while 139 people died during 2015-16.


Mr. Khojol is a journalist based in Aizawl, Mizoram. He writes for various national and regional media houses. In his free time, he can be caught reading books and watching movies.

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