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MURA slams Congress for ‘not fulfilling promises’


MURA slams Congress for ‘not fulfilling promises’

Aizawl: Mizoram Underground Returnees’ Association (MURA)-an association of former MNF rebels on Thursday strongly slammed Mizoram Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) for not honouring its promises and failing to meet the demands of the association as per an agreement made in 2013.

MURA president PC. Lalthuama told a press conference here on Thursday that they had reached 10 points agreements with the Congress before 2013 assembly, none of which except housing scheme in part, were fulfilled by the party.

He alleged that the Congress promised to fulfill their demands if it comes to power in the 2013 assembly elections.

According to Lalthuama, the MPCC as per their agreement, will give housing assistance to members of MURA.

“The Congress has failed to fulfill its promises and rehabilitate MURA members though it had allotted plot of lands to 45 members and gave NLUP assistance to 35 members,” he alleged.

He said that there are about 3500 members under the association across the state.

According to the agreements, MURA members and their next of kin are to be offered government jobs and Muster Roll employment but the MPCC has not fulfilled this till today, he said.

Among others, the congress party also agreed to accord any suitable contract works to the members and to make them avail of any possible developments and economic benefits, he said.

The agreement also stated that MURA members would be included as members of housing loan board and PMEGP, KVIC, STA in every district, according to Lalthuama.

“The government or Congress has not fulfilled any of its promises as per agreement and we demand it to fulfill the agreement and meet our demands within June,” he said, adding that they will review their agreement unless the government act according to the agreements before the end of June.

Lalthuama also said that the association had submitted a memorandum to president of India in 2015 asking him for rehabilitation and informing him about their plights.

“The president of India directed the state government to take swift action as regard giving rehabilitation to  the underground returnees.  But the state government has not taken appropriate action,” he alleged.

He further added that they met home minister R. Lalzirliana, who promise to recruit 10 members in home guards  last year, which has not been materialized till date.


Mr. Khojol is a journalist based in Aizawl, Mizoram. He writes for various national and regional media houses. In his free time, he can be caught reading books and watching movies.

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