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Mizoram bans import of pigs from neighbouring countries


Mizoram bans import of pigs from neighbouring countries

Aizawl ( Mizoram has banned the import of pigs and piglets from neighbouring states and countries especially Myanmar, following the outbreak of Porcine reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) and Classical Swine Flu (CSF) in Lunglei, Serchhip and other districts.

Lunglei district magistrate Benjamin Lalzama on Monday issued an order banning imports of pigs and piglets from outside as a precautionary measure to prevent further outbreak of PRRS and CSF. The order also prohibited transaction of any pigs to other areas from Lunglei district.

The district magistrate has also asked all pig rearers to immediately bury their dead pigs and imposed a ban on inter-village or district movement of pigs.

The order also warned pig farmers not to sell ailing pigs for sale in the market and also asked meat sellers and butchers to sell only hygienic meet in the market.

The order was issued as a preventive measure for further spread of the diseases in the district as well as other parts of the state. Any violators are liable to be punished under section 188 of IPC, the order said.

More than 1,300 pigs and piglets have died in Mizoram during the last few weeks due to the outbreak of  Porcine reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) and Classical Swine Flu (CSF), officials said.

The figure was based on the latest weekly reports received from eight districts of Mizoram till Thursday, state animal husbandry and veterinary department’s joint director (livestock health) Dr. Hmarkunga said.

He said that over 2,600 pigs and piglets had so far been infected with PRRS and CSF in different parts of the state and over 80 villages have also been affected by the two diseases.

The outbreak of PRRS and CSF has also hit pork market in Aizawl as many families refrained from buying it.

Pork is the favourite meat of tribal Mizos and it is largely consumed for Saturday and Sunday meal.

A meat seller in Aizawl main market said his sales have drastically declined since last week as many families refused to consume pork due to the outbreak of PRRS and CSF.

He said that the rumour about meat sellers selling the meat of ailing pigs also made people fear to buy and consume pork.

The PRRS also hit Mizoram in 2013 and 2016. More than 3,000 pigs and piglets have died in 2013 and over 4,000 pigs killed due to the outbreak of PRRS in 2016.

PRRS is caused by a virus known as arterivirus, which can be propagated through respiration, intercourse and artificial insemination. As there was no vaccine for the viral diseases, drugs to prevent secondary bacterial infections were administered to the sick swine, state animal husbandry and veterinary department officials said.


Mr. Khojol is a journalist based in Aizawl, Mizoram. He writes for various national and regional media houses. In his free time, he can be caught reading books and watching movies.

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