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Social media users urge Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh to visit ‘beautiful’ Damdiei village


Social media users urge Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh to visit ‘beautiful’ Damdiei village

Manipur is changing and this is attributed to Chief Minister Biren Singh in many ways. After years of Congress-led government, people of the state look up to him as a change-maker who will do something for every part of the state. Over a 100 days in office now, the chief minister may still be planning his next course of action for the overall development of the state, yet his accessibility on social media is already getting huge support among the educated section of the society. People are now directly communicating with him both on Twitter and Facebook. Some alerted him about the bad roads while others bring up development issues in their areas.

A couple of days ago, Twitter user @hmar invited the Chief Minister @NBirenSingh to visit his native village of Damdiei in Pherzawl District. The tweet says that no chief minister of the state has ever set foot in this village. The tweet has received many ‘likes’ from top government officials and the public. It even earned a retweet from Chief Minister Biren Singh himself.

Here’s the invite

Damdiei village is next only to Pherzawl District HQ and is blessed with beautiful lakes, natural beauty and beautiful river streams. The village has almost every government facilities, yet mostly on papers.

In reply to the invite, Chief Minister Biren Singh made a general statement: “Really beautiful”.

Some reactions from social media users:

The invite, the first of its kind in Manipur (made via Twitter), is now viral across social media like Facebook and WhatsApp. The big question is: Will the Chief Minister openly declare his intention to visit the village?


Mr. Amo is a budding journalist based in Manipur. The founder of loves to report on local issues and is not shy about his passion.

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