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DC letter suggests ‘plan to divide’ Pherzawl District


DC letter suggests ‘plan to divide’ Pherzawl District

Sielmat/Pherzawl: A letter allegedly sent to Manipur Revenue Secretary by Pherzawl Deputy Commissioner A Tombikanta Singh has indicated a “plan” to amalgamate Thanlon Sub-Division of Pherzawl District with that of Churachandpur District.

The letter suggested that there has been an agreement among several civil society organisations (CSOs) of Churachandpur District to this effect.

A copy of the letter allegedly sent by Pherzawl DC to Secretary (Revenue).

“Kindly refer to this office letter of even No 1/DC/(PZL)/EST/2016: dated 25th April 2018, regarding the amalgamation of Thanlon Sub-Division with the present Churachandpur District, I am to say that there must be no any variation in the District Administration of Pherzawl District in case the area is amalgamated with Churachandpur District,” Singh said in the letter.

The district officer also added that he has attached the “observation among the stakeholders of the area” so that necessary action can be taken. However, the “leaked” letter just mentioned 18 (extra) sheets. It is not known which civil society organisations are the “stakeholders”.

Pherzawl District was created in 2016 with its headquarter at Pherzawl by the previous Congress government. It comprised of four sub-divisions viz, Thanlon, Parbung, Vangai and Pherzawl (last is yet to be operationalised).

It may be mentioned here that on June 8 last year, as many as 30 villages under Northern Thanlon Chiefs Association had expressed their desire to be within Pherzawl District. “We declare and extend our full support to all the initiatives and core demands of Pherzawl Development Committee – particularly with regards to the non-rolling back of the previous government’s decision on creation of the district, district headquarters at Pherzawl and immediate posting of adequate staff,” the chiefs said in their declaration.

However, the latest development from the district’s top official raises serious doubts about the sincerity of the state administration in making every district developed without favouring one tribe over another. The district is mainly inhabited by Hmar, Paite, Kuki, Simte, Gangte, Zou, Vaiphei and other smaller Zo tribes.


Some people also suggested that the state government should come clear on whether it is pursuing a divide and rule policy among the Zo tribesmen.

Some observers have suggested a “hidden conspiracy” to divide Pherzawl District based on communal lines which “should not be entertained”.


Meanwhile, many people in Pherzawl District are yet to enjoy the luxury of the state government’s flagship mission – Go to Village. The district office is yet to function practically from where it should be as most officials, including the top officers are yet to go to their places of postings.

“How long will it be before Chief Minister Biren Singh’s Go to Village mission reach the people of Pherzawl District as even the district headquarters officials are practically working from Churachandpur and elsewhere,” a villager from Pherzawl told


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