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9 accident victims stranded at remote Ngampabung village of Pherzawl District for 3 days now


9 accident victims stranded at remote Ngampabung village of Pherzawl District for 3 days now

Imphal/Ngampabung ( Three days after a tragic incident of a Bolero camper between Ngampabung and Phulpui of Pherzawl District, the nine injured, of which two are in serious condition, are still stranded in this remote village of Ngampabung where there is basically no medical facility to cater to their needs. As per reports received on Saturday, two of injured are in serious condition. “One of the victims has a broken ribs and injuries in the head and nose. Another has a broken arm,” source said.

Accident victims soon after the incident are helped by local villagers on May 24, 2018.


The poor villagers said the district administration has not taken any action or help in providing means to transport the injured to the nearest functional hospital which is Jiribam (234 km from the village).

“We cannot use vehicles to transport all the injured to Jiribam or Silchar as many sections of the road to Jiribam are hit by landslides. We are helpless,” source quoted one villager leader as saying.

The injured were on their way to Phulpui village to attend a funeral service when the accident happened on a landslide hit country road. Sources said the vehicle tumbled down at least 300 metres from the road in to the forest while the driver tried to navigate the dangerously muddy road.

Accident victims soon after the incident on May 24, 2018.

The nine injured have been identified as Vanlalnghak (driver of Ngampabung), Lalkulsang (Ngampabung), Laldawnglien (Ngampabung), Upa Lalumpui (Ngampabung), Rorelsang (Kangreng), Nehemia (Phulpui), Ringum (Ngampabung), Lalchawisang (Ngampabung) and Lalbiekthang (Ngampabung).

Another source said that one nurse from Patpuihmun, the Sub-Divisional headquarters of Vangai Sub-Division, has been tending to the injured with basic first aid treatment facilities available to her.

With road transport out of the question, it may be best for the government to airlift the victims without any further delay.

The mangled remains of the vehicle is recovered by villagers.



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