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SOLRAK to perform in Bangalore


SOLRAK to perform in Bangalore

SOLRAK is a DJ/Producers to emerge in the burgeoning Indian dance music scene. Changing his music style to adapt to the need of the times has ensured a steady growth in his popularity.

DJ’ing was a passion which he lived with, was part of it day and night out but never felt that he has the potential to make it big on this platform.

This immense talent came into light when he was identified and inducted by Various Major Events Such As : Sunburn Reload | Sunburn Pre Party |edc Club Tour 2017 | Sunrise Festival Goa 2016 | Off Season Music Festival Goa 2015 He Has Even Shared Stage Alongside With Marnik | Matt Darey | Christy Million | Candice Redding | Olly Esse | Julia Bliss | Kate Shoo | Liz Brown | Lost Stories | Zaeden | Sartek | Shaan | Nina & Malika | Dualist Enquiry | Nds | Progressive Brothers | A Rjun Vagle I

Solark is one of the topmost DJ of India performing tomorrow in one of the biggest events at Bangalore.

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