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Kelechi Okereke and his Making of Leave to Remain


Kelechi Okereke and his Making of Leave to Remain

Kelechi Okereke has released a new musical in London that is becoming an instant success. His musical “Leave to Remain” is based on Kelechi’s own struggles with being openly gay. The musical walks through the challenges he has faced and explores his one day chance of marriage. The musical, co-written by Matt Jones, is a musical fighting for gay rights and gay marriage. The reviews have been increasingly positive since onset and Okereke is continuing the upward trajectory of his name through the globe.

Kelechi Okereke, also known as Kele, is most notably known for his role as front man in his band, Bloc Party. If you have not reviewed the work of Okereke, this is definitely something worth checking out. It is rare to see a spirited British musical that story, song, and movement are all so apparently integrated. For more information, check out the Guardian:

Additional information on Okereke’s tour dates:

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