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Chrysanthi Ekonomaki, the Greek Composer that shines worldwide!


Chrysanthi Ekonomaki, the Greek Composer that shines worldwide!

Listening the music of Chrysanthi you feel like travelling through time and space. After 20+ years of composing music, her new album ”Oblivion” is now released from FMRecords Hellas, and is distributed online worldwide. What we love is that this new album is so different from what we have heard lately. Smooth sound, passion, unique sounds combined together and transform every single piece.

She is definitely a great composer that we were lucky to discover, her work in this album is remarkable and definitely worth sharing it. Chrysanthi’s music pieces are unique and create feelings. You can buy the album online from all ehsops like Amazon, Shopify, etc.

We look forward to hear the second album that will be soon released and read more news about this great composer.

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