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Amalia Moerman Pavlidi, one of the most amazing entrepreneurs online!


Amalia Moerman Pavlidi, one of the most amazing entrepreneurs online!

Amalia is for sure an inspiration in today’s business world. Creating an amazing company Stagemelody and coaches entrepreneurs to start and run online businesses! Stagemelody: consults, designs, promotes!

Offering 100+ services to her clients Amalia offers all you need to start an online business and share it with the world! Her huge collaborations helped her to achieve amazing SEO results and the testimonials for her work are remarkable!

Originally from Greece, living and working in Europe, Amalia became one of the youngest self-made women of today! All her clients present an excellent portfolio and Amalia speeches continue to inspire!

Stagemelody is a company that will help you become a complete online entrepreneur! We are amazed from her energy and passion! Definitely worth it to follow her speeches!

Her approach made her unique: Behind every business there is a person and by focusing on that person we are able to understand and help the business!

Amalia is an official member of the union of Motivational speakers. You will be able to find out more

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