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2019 is The Comeback of Astrology: Expert


2019 is The Comeback of Astrology: Expert

Horoscopes are superstition? Many young people have a completely different view – they trust in the stars again.

Lana Del Rey’s star sign is Gemini, her ascendant Taurus with a planetary connection to the Libra. That, in turn, is why she has such an extraordinary, distinctive voice. Similar to Cate Blanchett, because their star sign is bull, and bulls always have special voices. Are you a bull? Off to the recording studio. This is nonsense? Not for a growing number of people who believe in the interpretation of the stars again, and not just in the US.

The openness for astrology has also increased significantly in Germany in recent decades, as demonstrated by long-term demographic studies. 97 percent of Germans know their signs of the zodiac, in 2006 almost 20 percent of Germans believed in the power of the stars, by now it is almost one in four. After all, 40 percent are “open to it”. There are astrological predictions of sporting events, the stock market, the eventual retirement of Angela Merkel. The Astrology Center Berlin offers courses in “Astromedicine” or the “Astrology of the Place” (so that the German knows how to put his couch in line with the stars). According to estimates, between 6000 and 20 000 astrologers practice this country.

For Jim Morrison astrology was after all a show-worth

Especially younger people are open to the topic. Starting with the fact that large, otherwise at least the claim of the science at least affirmative Websites such as Broadly US offer seriously meant daily horoscopes. On various portals astrological profiles are also created for stars, in which then, for example, also explains why singer Taylor Swift has so much trouble lately with men. Astrology blends with pop culture, which has always been vulnerable.

Recall Jim Morrison’s famous 1970 dialogue, which he led down from the stage with a groupie, the whole is well documented. Morrison: “I do not know how many of you believe in astrology.” Groupie: “JIM! JIM! I believe in astrology!” Morrison: “Yeah baby, I’m Sagittarius, the most philosophical of all zodiac signs.” Groupie: “Me too, Jim!” Morrison: Well, I do not think so. Groupie: “Me neither!” Morrison: “I think it’s a bunch of bullshit.”

The current generation does not see it as relaxed as Jim Morrison – Astrology is booming, especially in social networks. On Instagram, apart from age and gender, there are more and more zodiac signs with ascendant and moonsign in the profiles. Where does the new desire for the interpretation of the stars come from? “Maybe it’s because young people are getting more and more insecure about just about everything,” says Frida A., a Tumblr blogger, according to her info Libra, Ascendant Aquarius: “We’re getting more and more psychotic because of everything Astrology jumps into the niche because it claims to have answers to why we behave in one way or another. ”

“Astrology explains things, but does not imply rules of conduct”

As early as two years ago, a study showed that the majority of young Americans consider astrology a science: for the vast majority of 18-24 year olds, it is “more or less” scientific. John Besley of Michigan State University, who examined public attitudes toward science in 2014, said one had to wait to see if astrology numbers represented a “real change.” But they were “pushed open”.

Is the rise of astrology a symptom of the depression of a “psychotic youth”? “I think that our generation of upheavals, who lived without and with the Internet, is the one who has the hardest time,” says blogger Frida A., who somehow stands for the Astro generation. “It’s not just the Internet, it’s the radicalness of change, astrology explains things, but, unlike Christianity, does not imply any rules of behavior.”

Here everyone can pick out what they like, which occasionally leads to amusing explanatory patterns: even more skeptical natures you hear sentences like this: “Well, of course I do not believe in it, on the other hand, I had this ex-girlfriend, and that was exactly like my roommate’s cousin, I swear, and both were fish! ”

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