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Best versions of Mizo viral song ‘Tudang Ka Ngai Tawh Law’ng’


Best versions of Mizo viral song ‘Tudang Ka Ngai Tawh Law’ng’

Rpa Ralte’s song “Tudang Ka Ngai Tawh Law’ng” has gone viral. The catchy Mizo song has inspired many music lovers and his fans to make their own dance/cover versions. The song is all about moving ahead in love and not being stuck behind in bad relationship.

Here are the best of the best cover/versions of Tudang Ka Ngai Tawh Law’ng

#1. Tudang Ka Ngai Tawh Law’ng – Dance Cover

The video shared on Youtube by Alan Rinawma on August 2017 has garnered over 2,055,479 views.  The original (scroll down to last video) released on October 2017 has over 800,738 views at this time. The dancers Matthew Peka & Hoyabia Renthlei have become local celebrities since then.

Reaction in English to the above version by Ningkhan Honest

#2. Flute version shared by Hriata RL on Youtube

#3. Haflong version shared by Excavation Digital Studios

#4. Kids version shared on Youtube by foster records

#5. Live version shared by Aizawl Val

#6. Parody version uploaded by M. Ralte on Youtube

#7. School version

#8. Another kids version

#9. Silent dancer version

#10. EDM Mix version

#11. Guitar version

#12. Flute Dance version

#13. Female version by Kimi Hz

14. Rap version by Yadav G

#15. Another kids version

#16. Another dance cover

#17. Baby Vanlalhriatpuii Version

#18. Another reaction video

#19. A quick beat version

#20. Another cover song

#21. Another dance version

#22. Englishman version

#23. Another dance version

#24. Parody version

#25. School version



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